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        Factors influencing the performance of insulation material

        Issues time:2014-07-31 15:32:22

        The following parameters affect the performance of insulation material:

        1, insulation resistance and resistivity

        Resistance is the reciprocal of resistivity conductance, resistance in unit volume. Conductive material is smaller, its resistance is greater, the reciprocal relationship, of insulating material, always hope that the resistivity is as high as possible.

        2, the relative dielectric constant and dielectric loss tangent

        Use of insulating material has two components: the electric network of mutual insulation and dielectric capacitors (storage). The former requires a relativelylow dielectric constant, which requires a relatively high dielectric constant, and both require tangent of dielectric loss angle is small, especially the insulating material used in high frequency and high pressure, the dielectric loss is small,all requirements of insulating materials with dielectric loss angle tangent small.

        3, the breakdown voltage and electric strength

        Material damage insulation in a strong electric field, lose insulation performance into conducting state, called the breakdown. The breakdown voltage signal is called the breakdown voltage (dielectric strength). Electrical strength is a distance of two electrodes breakdown occurs under specified conditions of voltage and under voltage applied between business, also is thebreakdown voltage of unit thickness tolerance. The insulating materials, thebreakdown voltage, electric strength value is good.

        4, the tensile strength

        In the tensile test, the maximum tensile stress. It is an experimental testapplication performance of mechanics of materials, the most representative ofthe most widely.

        5, burning resistance

        The insulating materials contact flame resist the ability to prevent furthercombustion or leave the flame. With the increasing application of insulatingmaterial, the resistance to flammability requirements is more important, peoplethrough various means, and improve the insulation resistance to fire.Combustion is higher, its security is better.

        6, arc resistance

        The required test conditions, the ability of the insulating arc along the surfaceof the material endurance. Tests using AC high voltage and low current, high voltage generated by the arc effect between the two electrodes, the insulating material is formed on the surface of the conductive layer of the time required to judge the insulation arc resistance of the composites. Time value is greater,the arc resistance.

        7, the sealing degree

        Good for oily, water sealing isolation.

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