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        The main characteristics of insulating material

        Issues time:2014-07-31 15:35:43

        The electrician technology on insulating material usually refers to the 9Party.Cm material resistance coefficient greater than 10. Insulating material is mainly the role of the live parts of different potential isolation in electrical equipment.

        Therefore, insulation material has good dielectric properties, is to the insulation resistance and compressive strength is very high, to avoid leakage,creepage and breakdown; secondly, heat insulation performance is bettermaterials, mainly to ensure that won't because of the heat caused changes inlong-term performance; in addition, thermal conductivity good resistance tomoisture and high mechanical strength and easy processing.

        The insulating materials commonly used in electrical, chemical properties of different, can be divided into inorganic material, organic. Insulating materialinsulating material and mixed three types.

        We have been on a "best quality, prompt delivery, reasonable price,considerate service" for the purpose of the broad masses of customer service;and is the spirit of "quality survival, reputation and development" production principles, won the overwhelming majority of new and old customers.

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