'The Journey' Dance Camp

Sunshine Studios is creating a dance camp like no other that has ever been created before. ‘The Journey’ dance camp will take you back packing with a group of dancers from all over the world through 8 of China’s most spectacular towns and cities over 3 weeks. Not only will you see some of the worlds most breath taking sceneries but in each city there will be a world class dance teacher waiting for a set of masterclasses.

Take this opportunity to explore the mysterious China and train with some of the industry’s top choreographers brought to you from around the world! ‘The Journey’ will begin in Beijing where you will spend a few days visiting the Great Wall of China, Forbidden city, Summer Palace and taking some amazing dance classes.

From there you will Journey west and south, via trains, boats and coaches through Xi’an to see the site of the legendary Terracotta Warriors, Chengdu to visit a Panda reserve where you will have the opportunity to spend the day cleaning and feeding them, Zhangjiajie to see the beautiful mountains that inspired the movie Avatar, Pheonix Ancient Town (Fenghuang) the beautiful ancient Chinese town, Longsheng to see the Longji rice terraces, before finishing in both Guilin and Yangshuo to see some of the most spectacular mountains, and rivers as seen in the blockbuster movie ‘Crouching Tiger, Hiddern Dragon’. With each mesmerising city, you will experience delicious local dishes, wonderful sights, and take mind blowing dance classes with some of the worlds top teachers.

This is not just a holiday dance camp, this is a trip where you will learn about culture, art, and life. You will go through an emotional journey, seeing spectacular sights, meeting extraordinary people, go through difficulties adapting to a new culture, have some tired and frustrated moments, eat spectacular food, and reach some truly euphoric highs. This is not just a dance trip, this is truly an adventure and a journey that will change your life which will leave you with unforgettable memories and amazing stories for a lifetime, this is ‘The Journey’.

Camp package includes:
Airport pick up / drop off
Dance Classes
Transport between cities and towns
Daily breakfast
Excursions trips and tickets to:

In Beijing:
Great Wall of China,
Forbidden City,
Summer Palace.
In Xi’an:
Terracotta Warriors
In Chengdu:
Panda Reserve.
In Zhangjiajie:
Zhangjiajie National Forest Park.
In Pheonix Ancient Town:
Boat ride through Pheonix ancient town
In LongSheng:
Longji Rice Terraces.
In Guilin:
Elephant Trunk Hill,
Li River Cruise.
In Yangshuo:
Xingping ancient town visit,
Impression Liu Sanjie light show,
Bike day exploring Yangshuo.

Excursion optional extras:

Chengdu: Panda reserve volunteer day.
Private full volunteer tour, where you spend half a day learning about the pandas, freely explore the centre, spend time feeding and washing them, help staff with cleaning the indoor and outdoor enclosures, record their behaviour and weight and if you are lucky you will also get to hold one. These duties allow you to have some very intimate time with the pandas, which for many will be a once in a lifetime opportunity.
For more details please visit ‘The Journey’ website.

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