The Sunshine dance camp experience

Hip hop intensive summer dance training

This extravagant Hip Hop summer dance course not only includes intense dance training with some of the top dancers worldwide but we have also arranged exciting trips to have fun and see the world. All the dance classes will take place during the day and then we will provide evening social trips going to Manchester United stadium tour, bowling, lazer quest, cinema and more.

This is one not to be missed; it’s a summer camp that incorporates all the best aspects from the best dance teachers and teaching to the greatest social experience at your best interest.

Get taught to dance by the professionals

We have a wide range of specialist teachers which consist of dancers from the hit US TV show America's Best Dance Crew, dancers who have worked with Justin Bieber, Beyonce and members Soul Mavericks (UK Break Dancing Champions).

So don’t let this opportunity pass by and get applying now!! .

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